Family Law

Jennifer's approach to Family Law is practical and goal-oriented. As an Appointee of the Office of the Children's Lawyer, she brings a child-focused approach to parenting issues and clarity of thought to financial matters.

The Breithaupt Law team uses a combination of the most up-to-date software and Jennifer's own personalized documents in addressing the unique issues in each and every file.

Jennifer offers differing levels of involvement depending upon the client's needs.

All clients complete the Matrimonial Questionnaire to provide some background information to assist in identifying issues specific to each client's situation prior to the first appointment.

Options for consulting with Jennifer include:

Matrimonial Consultation: $500

A broad-ranging review of the basics you need to know if you are contemplating separation or have recently separated. Includes detailed handout on general legal concepts; discussion of potential issues specific to your situation; and a basic overview of your strategic options.

Simple Divorce Application: $500*

Already have your Parenting Plan or Separation Agreement? Call us to take care of the paperwork in filing for a Divorce. Daniella takes a streamlined and highly efficient approach to ensuring that your documents are handled quickly and professionally.

* This fee does not include disbursements such as court filing or process serving fees. The usual total cost is approximately $1,300. Please call for more info.

Flat Fee Separation Agreement: $1,750

Don't be fooled by franchised non-regulated competitors. When you have settled all issues and you need a well-crafted document that is both enforceable and respects your collaborative attitude, you want a licensed legal advisor. Jennifer drafts clean documents that reflect creative legal solutions. The flat fee includes an analysis of the division of property based upon full financial disclosure from both spouses.

Ongoing Consultation Retainer: $2,500 - $5,000

Generally speaking, Jennifer's retainer deposit for cases in the Ontario Court of Justice (primarily parenting issues) is $3,000 and for those in the Superior Court of Justice (both parenting- and property-related issues) is $5,000. Wherever possible, Jennifer recommends some kind of negotiation before Court.

In some cases, where there are only a very few points of disagreement, Jennifer can negotiate with your ex's lawyer on your behalf. The retainer deposit for such files is $2,500.

NOTE: listed pricing does not include government filing fees, disbursements or HST. Please see Retainer Explanation.

Additional Resources

Sometimes a client has a business or a pension that must be valued. Sometimes, children wish to have their voices heard. Many separated couples find Parenting Co-ordination or communication coaching to be pivotal in reaching a calm post-separation relationship with their ex-spouse.

Jennifer actively maintains professional connections with many outstanding professionals who can provide these services in addition to her own legal skills. She works closely with Waterloo-Wellington Fairway Divorce Solutions and regularly refers clients to Colette Fortin, BSc., CDFA, Accredited Mediator.