Estate Planning

What do new parents and retirees have in common? A shared need to ensure that their final intentions will be respected. We create the documents your bereaved family will rely upon to enable them to take the right steps.

The Breithaupt Law team has helped hundreds of clients to document their final wishes and protect their hard earned legacies. Further, Jennifer takes great care to advise clients in detail about issues such as guardianship of children or the need for dual wills. Jennifer's unique precedent for your "Living Will" (Power of Attorney for Personal Care) has been tailored specifically in response to developing case law around the right to die with dignity.

In order to expedite the process, all clients are asked to fill out the Wills and Powers of Attorney Questionnaire. Don't be overwhelmed by the topic: instead, help your loved ones by putting your affairs in order well in advance.

The actual prices of your Estate Package will depend upon the complexity of your individual goals. If you require assistance in creating your overall Estate Plan, we are happy to help! We will provide you with a comprehensive price based on your unique requirements. Our basic prices are as follows:

Will: $500

Ensure that the basic structure of your Estate is in place. Name executor(s) and beneficiaries. Make guardianship arrangements for your children.

Reflexive Wills: $750

If you and your spouse have shared intentions, these reflexive Wills cover you both thoroughly.

Powers of Attorney: $75 each

Power of Attorney for Personal Care: This is what Americans refer to as your "Living Will". It legally names another adult who is authorized by you to make medical decisions on your behalf. It takes effect only after you have been declared by an Ontario doctor to be unable to make your own decisions.

Power of Attorney for Property: This document authorizes another adult to deal with your finances in your place. It can be for a specific and limited purpose, for example if you will be out-of-town for work on the closing date for your real estate transaction, or it can be permanent and unrestricted.


Basic Will + Power of Attorney for Personal Care + Power of Attorney for Property: $600

Reflexive Wills + 4 Powers of Attorney (one Personal Care and one Property for each spouse): $950

NOTE: listed pricing does not include HST.